The Formidable CA Site Seal is available as an ever-present real-time “point-to-verify” validation authenticating your identity and reassuring your visitors that your website does in fact belong to you and that it’s secured by a Formidable CA SSL certificate.


Visitors to E-Commerce sites have become increasingly sophisticated and are wary of fraud and identity theft. They know to look for signs that they’re on a website that is secure and they’re dealing with someone they can trust. The Formidable CA Site Seal does just that.


In fact, we think they’re so important and so effective that we include a Formidable CA Site Seal every time you make an SSL Certificate order with us!


The Formidable CA Site Seal can be placed wherever you like on your website but is particularly effective on the home page and any other where the customer is expected to transact with you whether it be form-filling or buying goods.


Visitors simply mouse-over it for a real-time website identity assurance request. Your details are displayed to prove the site belongs to you and that immediately delivers peace of mind which builds trust.


That is simply good business and good for business.


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